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Cretin Art is the works of Brian and Erika Doogan. Images are all hand-drawn,painted, and printed by us. Cretin is a celebration of abnormality. We believe that different is good and strange is damned exciting.

Why Cretin? The name intrigues us for a number of reasons, but overall it seems to be a word with a number of abstractions in definition, which I think is synonymous to many people's response to the art. Most people see what they want to see within the lines. We have had a very diverse response to the images. Some people see them as dark and twisted. Others have seen them as beautiful and deep, sad and depressing, or goofy and strange. We sort of feel like people feeling something strong about them is much better than apathy. In other words, we are happy to create art that is multidimensional.

I have researched the word Cretin many times, coming up with a wide variety of definitions. Most people consider a Cretin a misfit, idiot, slow learner, freak, miscreant, etc. It is basically a negative term directed at someone "different". It was also used as a medical term for folks with abnormalities. It then sort of came back as slang once again. The actual early definition of a Cretin is someone from Crete who was osterscized from the christian church for eating pork. Yes, the original slang derived from pork. Most early christians didn't eat pork and those damned people from Crete just wouldn't play by the rules. Today, people from Crete are called Cretons. There are also pagan connections. Anyways, I guess I like the idiocy of language and how it abstracts our society, thus producing Cretin Art.

We offer Cretin Art on clothing and in print form. Our unique sublimation process for clothing produces amazing quality images that stay vibrant and true to the original artwork. Print are 300 dpi high quality reproductions. We use high quality plastisol inks for all screenprinted clothing. If you have questions or would like to submit art, please contact us at: